After years of community meetings and fundraising, Brock opened its doors on September 1964. 127 students began their studies  in a refurbished refrigeration factory at the foot of the Niagara Escarpment in St. Catharines.  Today 17,000 full time students and nearly 600 faculty members call Brock University its home away from home.   In 1966 the landmark Brock Tower was completed, and faculties began moving “up the hill” to the University’s permanent home atop the escarpment. Located within a hour’s drive of Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo new York Brock is easily accessible and close to major attractions, airports and shopping.

For 30 years, Brock  has sent hundreds of thousands of graduates on to successful careers. It has built a name for its personal quality of teaching afforded by attentive faculty and controlled class sizes. As the year 2000 dawned, enrolment soared. Brock transformed from an undergraduate institute to a comprehensive University with flourishing research, graduate and doctoraprograms. However the Campus is small and interconnect with a fell of a small town.  In fact you can walk from one end of the Campus to the other within 10 minutes.

The campus steadily expanded to keep pace with the demand for a Brock education. It’s a pattern that continues with the construction of world-class research labs, a landmark fine arts complex and an international students’ centre.

Today the University also operates a campus in Hamilton, Ont., primarily for teacher education.

Brock serves its community as a cultural, academic and recreational centre, bringing excellent facilities to the people who created the University all those years ago. We are committed to building our community and to fostering an environment that serves our students and our neighbours.


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