About Us

114 Oakdale

Clean Comfortable Convenient Housing for Brock Students

If you are planning to attend Brock University in the St. Catherine’s area and looking for a perfect solution to your housing needs then you have reached the right place. Brock Housing is the place to go for perfect solutions for clean, comfort and convenient rental accommodations!
Brock Housing provides quality housing in the St Catherine’s area, with a special emphasis on students.
You will never be disappointed when checking out one of our wonderful bright rooms. Not only do you have the convenience of in-home laundry facilities, but you are able to cook proper, nutritious meals in the modern kitchen shared with the other students. The bathroom facilities are maintained with an eye to the highest degree of maintenance and upkeep.
Conveniently located close to Brock University, shopping, and transportation we are the choice when you go to University at Brock.
  • Quick response to emergencies and other needs. We are there for you when you need us most.
  • Clean, Comfortable Rooms, with economical price ranges, locations, and sizes to suit any need.
  • A commitment to providing value for money.
So if you are looking for comfort, convenience, safety, affordability, and reliability then your only choice of accommodations is at 144 Oakdale Av . Please email me at econte@rogers.com for more information.

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